I Want To Get My Ex Back Lessons to Learn

Not every couple who makes a separation decision, in the end, feels that they do are doing the right thing – most of them end screaming i want my ex back in their room. However, sometimes, only one person in the relationship still wants the romance to go on. If you are this person, then this must be a sad state for you. Most of us have ever been in this position, so we all know how painful this is.

The first thing that you have to do is evaluating the relationship that you had together. Any kinds of relationship evolve. Even if they started intensely and unbelievably beautifully, circumstances change and so do feelings. It is very good to look back at how it was and analyze the dynamic of the relationship.

In this writing, I want to discuss how wanting someone too much can probably be the determining factor in a failed relationship. There are, of course, other totally opposite reasons that a relationship doesn’t work: such as not giving enough attention, being too busy, jealousy, or ego problems. However, sometimes it is sad to realize that being too giving or too loyal can be the reason a relationship ends.

Scream I want my ex back !


When you were a child, have you ever had an aunt who liked to hug, kiss, and pinch your cheek in front of your friends? What about a mother who constantly sent text messages to remind you about eating, not coming home late, doing your homework, etc. Those are forms of affection. Those are expressions of how you were really loved. However, for the person who receives such kind of affection, it can be embarrassing, annoying, or tiring. If you truly have voices in your head saying i want my ex back then you should keep reading.

Look back at the time you spent together. Did you regularly show gestures of affection that he or she didn’t actually like? For examples: holding hands everywhere, exchanging text messages all the time to know about microscopic daily life details, or giving too much attention or surprises. Partners can feel suffocated for lacking of space. Small things that used to matter to strengthen the relationships can turn into boring rituals that drive the other person away.

Neediness and submission is a turn-off

He or she may feel very proud when we let them know that we want them, but to make them feel that we need them very much is a bad thing. People generally don’t like having to carry the burden on their backs. To get too attached to someone is not a good thing. It can make the person feels like he or she has to take care of us even when they don’t want to. Even if we love someone very much, it is a good idea to keep relying on ourselves and not him or her.

i want my ex back

Besides neediness, people also don’t like submission that is done all the time. Always saying “yes” to your partner may be a good strategy to avoid direct confrontation, but it will make us less desirable. Nobody wants to be with a weak person who cannot assert what he or she wants for fear of losing his or her lover. It is important to take control of situations sometimes, even if we are okay to be submissive as long as our partners happy.

Be happy with yourself

To make ourselves more desirable, the best thing to do is to be happy with ourselves. Go and have some introspection about the things we need to improve. It can be physical such as weight problem, fitness, ability to perform physical exercises for an extended period, or bad dressing style and hairstyle. However, most of the time it is more profound than that physical stuff.

Analyze our characteristics: some of us are too selfish, frightful, arrogant, apathetic, untrustworthy, or any other bad characteristics. It is time to improve ourselves. Be the person that we will be happy to befriend.

When it is done, try to be happy without our exes. Stop saying I want my ex back Feel content about what we have. Be confident to walk alone. Sometimes, this is what the person who  has abandoned us needs to see. When he or she sees that we have changed and we seem like living a very enjoyable life, our chances to get back together will significantly improve.

About Metallica – Metallination’s PoV

Most sites give you a run down of the bands history. And thinking Metallica style, we thought that was too “stock”. We’re not afraid of “change” (just like them). You wanna know more about the band? Hit up www.metallica.com. Wanna know what we think? Keep reading.

Metallica is not just a band. Or just a name.

It’s a huge, sentient being.

Metallica over takes you, just like they have the rest of the world. State by state, country by country, Metallica drives people to go forward with their lives. They show that you can achieve anything. You can come from nothing and have everything. Be everything.

For some, Metallica has been the rock they needed in their lives. Others needed something to get them through the daily grind. There are people who live for every word spoken by the band as inspiration for who they wish to be. Or be like. After all, we all have heros.

But if Metallica has taught us anything, it’s been this: You CAN be yourself and not compromise a damn thing.

Fuckin’ no regrets, man.

Many of us have watched Metallica start and live in awe that twenty some years later, they’re no where near finished. Some of us came in during the height of the later years, unaware of just how the band came to be such metal gods. And some of us… come in now. Excited of the new album talk, up coming tours, and the chance that grows in everyone no matter how long you’ve been a fan. A chance to see them LIVE.

Metallica to play Berlin?

According to Metallicapage.de, the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung BZ reported this past Wednesday (May 21) that Metallica will be the first band to perform at the new O2 World arena in Berlin on September 12. It should be noted, however, that Metallica has not yet officially announced any shows beyond its August 24 appearance at the Reading festival in Reading, UK.

As previously reported, Metallica has tapped Greg Fidelman — an engineer/producer who has worked with current Metallica producer Rick Rubin on albums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down, Slipknot and Audioslave, among others — to mix its new CD, which is due out in September.

During a May 14 interview with The Pulse Of Radio, Ulrich said that the group hopes to wrap up work on the album in time for the Memorial Day weekend holiday. “It’s pretty close,” he said. “We’ve got four studio days next week to just patch up. If there’s a last minute, you know, ‘that needs this…’ or — but pretty much done. Yeah, it’s pretty much done. And then they start mixing the week after.”

Lars also took part in a conference call on May 15 to promote this year’s Bonnaroo festival, which Metallica will headline on June 13, Ulrich told reporters that Metallica recently met with a graphic designer to begin planning the new CD package, though there’s no confirmed title for the album yet and the songs still have working names.

“We sort of promised ourselves that unlike all the records we made in the ’90s, [which] were just completely stressed-out and just nutty, that we were gonna try and have a little more sane environment — and we’ve actually, surprising mostly to ourselves, been able to keep to that,” Ulrich said, according to Billboard.com. “We’ve pretty much finished the music now, so all the next level stuff is just starting to go down.”

The band next plays the Bonnaroo festival in mid-June, a series of European festivals, and the newly configured one-day Ozzfest this August in Dallas.

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How Pneumatic Cylinders work

Along the history, people have created many tools or devices that help them in doing specific tasks. Back then, they use it in daily activities, such as harvesting and building houses. When the industrial age came, manpower is used in mass production of goods.

However, greater demands require a shorter amount of time for manufacturing processes. Because of this, people invented mechanical tools that can move on their own to fulfill that demand. Among industrial marvels that are used today, the pneumatic cylinder is one of the most common devices that are widely used in various fields.

Pneumatic Cylinders

The pneumatic cylinder is a tubular device that uses the energy from compressed air to move a piston inside it. The air is injected into the cylinder through a port and pushes the piston from one end to the other.


A rod is connected to the piston and it is extracted from inside the cylinder when the piston is pushed. The rod is then retracted because the piston is pushed back to its original place by a spring that is located on the opposite end of the piston. This is the base of pneumatic cylinders mechanism that is used in different manners in manufacturing processes.

What makes Pneumatic Cylinders Different?

The operation of pneumatic cylinders uses gas instead of liquid. This gives the device an advantage in terms of cleanliness because it will not produce any leakage in the area where it is used. Apart from that, the device also comes in a small size and is quieter than other kinds of cylindrical machines.

This makes it more convenient for pneumatic cylinders to be installed in small rooms. Due to its level of cleanliness, it is more preferred for the manufacturing process in which high precision and hygiene are required, such as medical equipment and lenses.

Types of Pneumatic Cylinders

In the previous paragraphs, the mechanism of pneumatic cylinders is already described. However, the pneumatic cylinder has some types with different characteristics. Below are the common types that are widely used in the industry.

  • Single-acting Cylinders – this type of cylinder has only one port that transfers the compressed air into the cylinder. Like what has been described before, the pressure that is created by the air compression expands and moves the piston to the other end of the cylinder and pushes the rod outwards.When the air runs out, the spring slides the piston back to its initial point. The downside of this pneumatic cylinder is the limited extraction length of the rod that is caused by the space that the spring takes at the end of the cylinder.
  • Double-acting Cylinders – double-acting means that there are two air ports on each end of the cylinder. While the air from one of the ports extracts the rod, the air from the other one has the same role like the spring in single-acting cylinders.This increases the extraction length of the rod and its power. However, this also increases the vulnerability of the rod; making it prone to bending or even breaking.
  • Telescoping Cylinders – Different from the single-acting and double-acting cylinders, this type of pneumatic cylinder consists of some cylinders with different diameters like a telescope.Each cylinder has its own piston that is connected to a segmented rod. Even though this type offers a greater extraction length of the rod, it has lesser durability due to the segmentation of the rod. Because of this, telescoping cylinders are only used for light tasks.
  • Rodless Cylinders – Pneumatic cylinders can also be operated without the existence of a piston rod. This distinct type has a slot along the case that is closed by a pair of metal bands inside and outside.These metal bands are the piston. When these bands move, there is a component between them that moves to the opposite direction and closes the space in the slot that is open. It is also connected to the load inside the cylinder, which works as the rod to give the desired motion to the objects outside of the device.There is also a type of rodless cylinder that incorporates magnets in both of the cylinder’s sides, while there is another type that uses a cable for the load.

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